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Making special moments memorable.

The Epoch Times If you ask me, Valentine’s Day gets to be much more fun when you become a parent. As parents, we get to toss aside the ridiculous expectations, the pressures, and all the entrapments of the “Hallmark holiday” …

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The Epoch Times How about that moment when you come out on the other side of the holidays, take that first sip of warm goodness in the morning, look around your house, and wonder what on earth just happened here?! …

Happy New Year—Let’s Get Organized Read More »

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The Epoch Times The commercialization of Christmas can be a bit much. Coming off of the Black Friday push, how about a moment to take a step back with a warm cup of cocoa and, perhaps, some fuzzy socks by …

Quoting Christmas: Words to Put You in the Christmas Spirit Read More »

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The Epoch Times This time of year offers so many opportunities for old-fashioned family fun. The key to enjoying the season without getting overwhelmed by it all is to keep it simple. Here’s a list of the very basics of …

Holiday Family Fun—The Basics Read More »

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