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10 Family Fun Ideas to Fall for in October

September 28, 2016, Epoch Times   It’s officially Fall. You can feel it in the crisp nighttime air. You can see it on the tips of the leaves and the angles of the shadows. You’ve already picked up a jacket

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Back to School Prep—Planning Ahead for the Busy Season

August 27, 2016, Epoch Times   After a summer of independence and freedom, it can be tough to shift gears for fall and all that comes with it—alarm clocks, the school routine, homework, extracurricular activities, holidays, volunteering, and more. If

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Create Fun Fall Memories: 16 Ways to Enjoy Autumn With Your Family

September 18, 2015, Epoch Times Fall family traditions for parents and kids to enjoy together each and every year. As the days begin to shorten and a crispness penetrates the air, as school buses populate the streets and the scent

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Children’s Library: ‘Strega Nona’s Harvest’

September 21, 2011, Epoch Times For harvest time, a celebration of nature’s bounty A great Fall read for children, Strega Nona’s Harvest celebrates the bounty of the season and the spirit of generosity through the familiar antics of its adorable title character.

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