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Children’s Book Review: ‘A Library Book for Bear’

July 10, 2014, Epoch Times The only thing more perfect than author Bonny Becker’s latest children’s book, “A Library Book for Bear,” is publisher Candlewick Press’s timing of its release—right in the heart of summer reading season. Author Bonny Becker

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Analysis: The Thing About Harry Potter

July 24, 2007, Epoch Times Bespeaking the character of our culture Harry Potter fans and their fellow bandwagon passengers have had a busy couple of weeks. They came in droves to theaters around the world for the cinematic depiction of

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Hans Christian Andersen

My very first article for the Epoch Times in 2005. Hans Christian Andersen Turns 200 And the world remembers his tales Two centuries have passed since the birth of the Danish storyteller who brought us such classic tales as “The

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