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Thinking back, I have learned a thing or two from my foray into Disney fandom. Here are 20 lessons that stand out.

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March 26, 2017, Epoch Times If you and your family are heading to Disney World soon, first let me say, I am so excited for you!!!! Okay, okay, deep breaths. Let’s try to stay cool here. There are some rules …

10 Rules You Must Follow When Visiting Walt Disney World Read More »

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Kent Phillips/Courtesy of Disney

August 4, 2015, Epoch Times Disney World. Many U.S. parents (who are fortunate enough to have such concerns) see the family trip to The Walt Disney World Resort in Florida as a childhood rite of passage—a must-do (at least once) …

12 Magical Resources to Help You Plan Your Family’s Disney World Vacation Read More »

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July 17, 2010, Epoch Times A look back at Disney’s must-have, original masterpiece The first full-length animated feature film in movie history was first brought to audiences in 1937 and, to this day, remains a relevant and impressive work that …

Children’s Video Library: ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ Read More »

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