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Travel as an Education in Itself

August 31. 2016, Epoch Times “Experience, travel. These are an education in themselves.” —Euripides Few experiences can offer an education as whole as that of travel. Rather than feel guilty or ashamed the next time you take your children away

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Family Travel Packing: The Kids’ Bags

August 22, 2016, Epoch Times   When it comes to family travel, recognizing and planning for the unique needs of your children is key. In general, children may find sitting still, altering their sleep schedules, waiting in lines, being removed

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5 Fun Ways to Count Down to Your Family’s Next Vacation

June 17, 2016, Epoch Times     Family vacations provide precious, uninterrupted time together and memories that last a lifetime. Yet they always seem to end a bit too soon. One way to extend the joy of a family vacation is

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6 Strategies to Help You Unplug on a Family Vacation

June 3, 2016, Epoch Times     Ah, vacation time. You find yourself with your loved ones on your much anticipated family getaway. You’ve all been planning this one for months. The children are so excited. You’ve been looking forward

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