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For Parents Celebrating President’s Day

President’s Day in the US affords many of us a delightful long weekend, and perhaps an excuse to don a powdered wig. (As if you really needed an excuse.) It also affords an easy opportunity for parents and their children

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6 Reasons to Teach Our Children History

January 27, 2017, Epoch Times   When was the last time you audited your child’s school curriculum? If your child is attending one of the just under 100 thousand public schools in the U.S., and you go looking for the

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Celebrating Columbus Day With Your Kids: History Lessons Abound

October 12, 2015, Epoch Times Four ways parents can teach their kids about Christopher Columbus There are a handful of holidays that are celebrated and studied with great fervor in schools across America—Columbus Day being one. Monday marks the 523rd

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Beyond Barbecues: Teaching Your Kids About the Fourth of July

July 4, 2015, Epoch Times Before the fireworks sparkle, let Independence ring This weekend Americans everywhere will come together in celebration of independence and freedom as we mark the anniversary of the endorsement of the Declaration of Independence on July 4,

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