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4 Inspiring Resources for Spring Cleaning

The Epoch Times All it takes is one or two beautiful weather days at the end of winter. You know the ones: They implore you to fling open the windows, get the whole family outdoors, perhaps even play hooky from

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After School—Keys to a Happy Transition Each Day

September 8, 2016, Epoch Times   Something that surprised me when my children started attending school was how challenging the hour or two after school could be some days. After 6 hours in school (6 hours and 25 minutes, actually,

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For Parenting Inspiration Look to the Homeschoolers

September 2, 2015, Epoch Times You don’t have to homeschool your kids to get inspiration from those who do One of the most easily overlooked sources of parenting inspiration is the ever growing community of homeschoolers across the country. This

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