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Walt Disney Pictures

July 17, 2010, Epoch Times A look back at Disney’s must-have, original masterpiece The first full-length animated feature film in movie history was first brought to audiences in 1937 and, to this day, remains a relevant and impressive work that …

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March 20, 2008, Epoch Times The animated adaptation of the Dr. Seuss classic, “Horton Hears a Who” stampeded into theaters on February 14th.  Beloved for generations, this endearing story of a kind-hearted elephant who is determined to protect a tiny …

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November 1, 2007, Epoch Times Will it live up to the buzz? Since Jerry Seinfeld’s sitcom went off the air in the late ’90s, there has existed an obvious void of hilarious observational humor, despite the efforts of comedians everywhere. …

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June 10, 2007, Epoch Times Not just another penguin movie I try to go into movies without preconceived notions. However, the facts that Hollywood was churning out another flick about penguins and that elements of this one’s promotional campaign were everywhere made …

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