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Summer’s Last Hurrah

August 24, 2015, Epoch Times 6 ways to make the most of the last days of summer for your family   Like all good things do, this summer is nearing its end. (Boo. Hiss.) The last days of summer present

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Tips for Back-to-School Shopping: Where to Shop, What to Buy

August 18, 2015, Epoch Times For many parents back-to-school time means long supply lists and lots of shopping. For those of us with an unnatural love for shiny, fresh office supplies (eh hem) this is an exciting prospect. For others,

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Before Back To School, Get Back To Basics

August 13, 2015, Epoch Times 9 ideas that will make the new school year great for parents and kids. It’s the middle of August, and while many parents and children are still reveling in the joys of waking without an

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12 Magical Resources to Help You Plan Your Family’s Disney World Vacation

August 4, 2015, Epoch Times Disney World. Many U.S. parents (who are fortunate enough to have such concerns) see the family trip to The Walt Disney World Resort in Florida as a childhood rite of passage—a must-do (at least once)

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