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What to Do When It All Breaks Down

February 27, 2017, Epoch Times Oh, the pressure you put on yourself to make everything perfect—to keep all those balls in the air, to remember all the things, to be everything to all people—all while looking like you never break

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7 Ways I’m Getting Parenting Right

June 1, 2016, Epoch Times     They say, “behind every great kid is a mom who is pretty sure she is screwing it all up.” No doubt, this parenting gig is the craziest job you’ll ever have, and it’s

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8 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Are Sure to Make Mom Smile

May 3, 2016, Epoch Times     It’s that time of year again. This Mother’s Day you want to show mom how much you love and appreciate her, but finding just the right gift can be tricky. If you’re stumped

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High Five, Moms and Dads! High. Five.

April 25, 2016, Epoch Times     So much is said of parents today. They’re helicopters. They’re tigers. They’re elephants. They’re snow plows. There are attachment parents and free-range parents, Pinterest moms and stage moms, millennial moms and hipster dads,

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