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June 27, 2017, Epoch Times One of my favorite summer activities is the family movie night. There’s no bedtime to worry about. Hardly any planning is required. Sometimes it’s coupled with ice cream. What’s not to love? After a day …

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August 15, 2007, Epoch Times This movie will make you think. Daddy Day Camp, directed by Fred Savage (Kevin Arnold from the Wonder Years ) and starring Cuba Gooding Jr. ( Jerry Maguire ), is the sequel to the mildly amusing Daddy Day Care of 2003. This …

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Jul 05, 2007, Epoch Times A treat for all of the senses The latest offering from Walt Disney Pictures and Pixar Animation Studios combines just the right ingredients to leave audiences feeling satisfied. Ratatouille is the story of Remy—a congenial rat …

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May 02, 2007, Epoch Times A young boy comes of age during the Uruguayan Carnival Leonardo Ricagni’s story of a young boy’s journey from an illiterate and empty existence to one with spirit and hope uses as its backdrop Uruguay’s …

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