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The Beach

For as long as I can remember, I’ve come, no, been called to the beach. For fun, for peace, to think… The sun, the sand, the breeze, the pulsing sound of the waves… The breadth of the enormous ocean before

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Children’s Library: ‘Outside Your Window—A First Book of Nature’

March 1, 2012, Epoch Times A poetic collage of nature’s treasures just outside What joy it is to explore nature with young children. Everything is new; everything is amazing; and everything that has slowly become merely background in the life

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Book Review: ‘Simplicity Parenting’

December 31, 2011, Epoch Times   As holiday time winds down and the calendar beckons a fresh, new year, many will resolve to do things better this time around, consulting a plethora of books to guide them in their pursuits

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Children’s Library: Backyard Birds

April 24, 2010, Epoch Times   As Spring settles into the backyard so too do the many indigenous birds to their habitats—building nests and singing songs. The flurry of activity from these colorful and joyful creatures can be a source

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