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Strategies to Reduce Your Family’s Sugar Intake

January 18, 2017, Epoch Times   If you’ve been paying any attention at all to health advice in the last decade or so, you’ve likely noticed a dramatic shift from a focus on dietary fat to dietary sugar as the chief

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Making Healthy Choices at Holiday Parties

December 13, 2016, Epoch Times   ‘Tis the season for holiday parties. As you and your family find yourselves celebrating with friends and extended family, you’ll be presented with a host of festive, sugary treats at every turn. While tasting

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How to Eat Well on Your Next Family Vacation

August 1, 2016, Epoch Times   I know. I know. “It’s vacation.” All rules are out the window right? Food is such an integral part of experiencing a different place and culture, and vacations often present unique opportunities to indulge

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