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3 Easy Ways to Supplement Your Child’s Math Education

The Epoch Times Ah, math. Chances are your child either loves it or hates it. Both scenarios pose a challenge for the average school environment. Teachers today are mandated to cover very specific material within very specific timeframes. Within a

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5 Ways to Teach Your Children the Value of Work

The Epoch Times Instilling a strong work ethic in our children is one of the best things we parents can do for them. Work can show them they are capable, helpful, and can make an impact on their world. It

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How to Avoid Overcommitting in the New School Year

The Epoch Times The last weeks of summer, when, perhaps, you’re enjoying some down time before the back-to-school hustle begins, is an opportune time to take stock of all that you’ve got on your plate and ask yourself, if, perhaps,

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6 Easy Ways to Ready Your Child for Back to School

While summer is still going strong, there’s an opportunity to take slow and easy steps to ready your child’s mind for the next year of school.

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