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7 Ways I’m Getting Parenting Right

June 1, 2016, Epoch Times     They say, “behind every great kid is a mom who is pretty sure she is screwing it all up.” No doubt, this parenting gig is the craziest job you’ll ever have, and it’s

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20 Parenting Quotes That Will Make You Smile

February 8, 2016, Epoch Times     Few experiences are as universally shared as the journey of parenthood. Sometimes this adventure of epic proportions presents more joy that you think your heart can stand and sometimes it’s harder than anything

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Screen Time for Kids: 5 Ways for Parents to Manage Technology at Home

September 15, 2015, Epoch Times Different ways parents can think about the role of technology in their kids’ childhood How reliant are your kids on their digital devices? How much time do they spend staring at screens? For years, experts

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For Parenting Inspiration Look to the Homeschoolers

September 2, 2015, Epoch Times You don’t have to homeschool your kids to get inspiration from those who do One of the most easily overlooked sources of parenting inspiration is the ever growing community of homeschoolers across the country. This

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