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Children’s Library: ‘Bears in Beds’

August 10, 2012, Epoch Times A beary adorable bedtime read For many families the last month of summer signals the looming reality that alarms will, once again, need to be set, schedules maintained, and bedtimes set earlier. Parents can ease

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Children’s Library: ‘Amazing Animals’

November 3, 2011, Epoch Times Presenting a wide overview of animals, ‘one and all’ A child’s bookshelf often contains numerous titles centering on animals in one way or another—books of fiction that creatively utilize the diverse traits and personalities animals

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Children’s Library: ‘Imogene’s Antlers’

June 28, 2011, Epoch Times A simple and well told comic fantasy “On Thursday, when Imogene woke up, she found she had grown antlers.” And just like that our story begins. This simple tale of a young girl with an

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