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5 Tips to Reduce Holiday Stress

The Epoch Times The holidays are a time of celebration and family—a time to set work aside and focus on the most important things in life. There are many joys to behold: reconnecting with loved ones, devoting time to your

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What to Do When It All Breaks Down

February 27, 2017, Epoch Times Oh, the pressure you put on yourself to make everything perfect—to keep all those balls in the air, to remember all the things, to be everything to all people—all while looking like you never break

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Holiday Self-Care for Parents

December 10, 2016, Epoch Times   Things can get hectic this time of year, can’t they? It all begins innocently enough, with some twinkly lights and lovely music, but all too soon you can feel like you’re racing the clock,

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A Message From Myself 10 Years From Now

October 5, 2016, Epoch Times   The concept for this piece was inspired by Episode #170 of the Tim Ferriss podcast, in which he interviews YouTuber, entrepreneur, and father of five Shay Carl. What do you think your future self would tell

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