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6 Reasons To Encourage Your Children to Keep a Summer Journal

May 28, 2017, Epoch Times Summertime is upon us! As school rolls to a close and warm weather and freedom are bestowed upon our families, it’s time to have some fun! One way to capture the magic of this season

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A Parent’s Guide to August

August 1, 2016, Epoch Times   As July turns to August, the reality that summer won’t actually last forever begins to hit home. There’s both an urgent desire to make the most of the last weeks and the need to

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How Make the Most of a Rainy Summer Day

July 25, 2016, Epoch Times   Sometimes a rainy day interrupting the glorious summer weather can be a welcome change of pace and a great opportunity to slow down, check in, and enjoy time at home with your family. Here are

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A Parent’s List of Summer Boredom Busters

June 6, 2016, Epoch Times     Ah, summer. Sunny days, warm nights, fireflies, relaxation, not a care in the world…until, that is, you hear those dreaded words from your kids: “I’m bored.” Despite the beautiful plans you’ve crafted that

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