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7 Ways to Turn Down the Tech in Your Family

June 13, 2017, Epoch Times The start of summer is an opportune time to take a look at your family’s use of technology and, perhaps, turn it down just a bit. For all of the convenience, opportunity, and access to

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More Harm Than Good: Our High-Tech Tools and Their Impact on Our Families

November 21, 2016, Epoch Times   As 2016 rounds the corner to the finish line, few of us can say we haven’t spent a significant portion of this year gazing at screens. That’s especially so for teenagers. In fact, according

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Screen Time for Kids: 5 Ways for Parents to Manage Technology at Home

September 15, 2015, Epoch Times Different ways parents can think about the role of technology in their kids’ childhood How reliant are your kids on their digital devices? How much time do they spend staring at screens? For years, experts

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