Children’s Library: For the Love of Books

Children’s Library: For the Love of Books
Candlewick Press

May 3, 2011, Epoch Times

Candlewick Press
Candlewick Press

Though it may seem obvious, stepping back and appreciating the ability to access and enjoy the very books we are reading is an enlightening exercise worth undertaking with young readers. The following titles aim to foster the love of books.

Library Lion by Michelle Knudsen, illustrated by Kevin Hawkes (Candlewick Press)
This picture-rich book depicts the story of a lion who marches into the library and proves to be surprisingly well suited for the environment. When extenuating circumstances present themselves, however, the lion is forced to break the rules in order to help. Will the head librarian, a stickler for the rules, allow the lion to stay? The well populated and warm atmosphere depicted in every page of “Library Lion” transports the reader to the idyllic setting of this cozy book haven. Don’t be surprised if your little ones request a trip to the local library after taking in this charming story.

Dog Loves Books by Louise Yates (Alfred A. Knopf)
When Dog decides to open a bookstore he finds customers to be a bit scarce at first. In an effort to keep busy, he delves into the books on his store shelves and finds that he is never bored or alone. When customers do arrive, he knows just which books to recommend. Straightforward and sweet, Dog Loves Books is a simple tale about the love of books.

Our Library by Eve Bunting, illustrated by Maggie Smith (Clarion Books)
“There’s nothing you can’t learn to do when you have books,” asserts Our Library, as a young raccoon and his friends take it upon themselves to save their beloved library from shutting down. When librarian Miss Goose tells them the library needs a new roof and paint, they check out How to Lay a Perfect Roofand Library Painting for Beginners. The friends devour their books and then get to work. They soon find out that this is not all that is needed to keep the library operating. They then take out more books and put more new skills to work. Young children will enjoy the adorable animal characters in this inspirational tale about the power of knowledge, cooperation, and ingenuity that truly gets to the heart of the importance of books in a humorous and satisfying way.

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