10 Classic Board Games for a Winter’s Night In

10 Classic Board Games for a Winter’s Night In

The Epoch Times

As winter presses on and the temperature remains oh, so low, families find themselves spending more time inside. It can be tempting to allow kids to watch television, aimlessly scroll the Internet, or play video games, just to keep them occupied.

Doing so relinquishes a precious opportunity for simple family fun. One way to enjoy each other’s company and stay present with your family, as opposed to losing that time to digital devices, is to simply play a game together.

Here are 10 classic board games for your next night in together.


Practice your vocabulary skills with the ultimate word game—Scrabble. If your kids can read, they can play Scrabble.


Whether you prefer the iron, the thimble, the dog, or another classic piece, Monopoly is the board game of board games. This one will keep your family occupied potentially for hours, so make some snacks, and settle in for a night of strategy and fun!


Who did it? Was it Colonel Mustard in the kitchen with a revolver? A game of logic and deductive reasoning, Clue can be enjoyed by most elementary school-aged children and up, but it’s fun for all ages!


It doesn’t get more classic than checkers. Involve the entire family by holding a checkers tournament! Don’t have a checkerboard? Make one! It can be a craft and game night all in one!


Well, maybe it does get more classic than checkers. Chess, a game that is said to have originated in seventh-century India, is the ultimate game of strategy and a game your family can continue to master throughout their lives.

500 Rummy

You need nothing more than a simple deck of cards to play 500 Rummy.

Trivial Pursuit

For maximum enjoyment, choose a version of Trivial Pursuit that will give your family members the best chance of answering questions. If you’ve got young children, the family edition may be best. If you’ve got a family of Disney fanatics, perhaps the Disney version is best. If your children are more mature, they may be ready for the classic or master edition. Either way, trivial pursuit is great fun and potentially educational.


The most modern game on the list, Blockus is an excellent game of shapes and strategy for most ages, say 4 and up. This is one you’ll want to play again and again.


An easy game to play and fun for all ages, Uno is a classic, no-fuss option.


Even families with very young children can enjoy Candyland—the ultimate introduction to board games. Relive your youth as you pull a colorful card and move your gingerbread man through the board. Children can practice identifying colors, counting, and, sportsmanship. Bonus points for you if you serve Candyland treats while you play!