10 Family Fun Ideas to Fall for in October

10 Family Fun Ideas to Fall for in October

September 28, 2016, Epoch Times


It’s officially Fall. You can feel it in the crisp nighttime air. You can see it on the tips of the leaves and the angles of the shadows. You’ve already picked up a jacket or sweater from time to time. You’ve switched your morning beverage from iced to hot.

As the school season finds its groove and pumpkin spice wafts from every corner, it’s time to get down to the very joyful business of Fall Family Fun.

If you’re looking for some activities to soak up all this magical time of year has to offer, here are 10 ideas to consider.

Visit a Festival

Check local community calendars for the fairs and festivals taking place in your area this season. This is a great opportunity to support local businesses, reconnect with your community, sample good food and good music, find handmade goods, and have a good old time with your loved ones.

Watch the Birds

Migration time is upon us and the birds are on the move. Now is a great time to study birds and visit your local nature center or preserve. A bird log, a pencil, and a pair of binoculars can turn a hike in the woods into a fun-filled exploration.

Gaze at the Moon

The moon can put on a pretty amazing show this time of year. This is a great opportunity to study the phases of the moon or read about science’s understanding of the moon, and astronauts, and the history of the first moon landing, and… (eh hem) all that fun stuff.

Make it a month-long study by using a moon phase calendar like this one.


It’s time to turn on the oven again. Round up your young troops and involve them as much as possible in baking some delicious treats to share with loved ones. Baking inspires creativity, involves measuring and math, and results in yum.

Some of my favorite treats to make in the fall include: apple crisp, pumpkin muffins, and snickerdoodles.

Make a Scarecrow

“Hey, Dad, do you still wear this old shirt and pair of jeans?”

Making a scarecrow is a creative and fun project and results in a festive decoration for the front porch or yard.

Pick Your Own

The apples, the pumpkins, and all that is in season and ready to harvest this time of year make for joy-filled family time.

Slow down and embrace the simplicity of nature’s rewards. Allow your children to skip through the orchards and find just the ones they want. Amaze in the colors, the smells, and the blessings.

Camp Out

Whether in your backyard or at a far away destination, this is a great time of year to camp out. Before it’s too cold, enjoy the fall scenery nature provides, the roar of the campfire, and the together time this activity provides.

Jump in the Leaves

If you’ve got some raking to do, celebrate success with an old-fashioned jump in the leaves. You may find your kids more eager to help rake with the promise of a fun reward at the end.

Doesn’t get any simpler than this and opportunities to connect your kids with nature are priceless. Go jump!

Collect Natural Elements for Crafts

Leaves, seeds, acorns, branches, pine cones and more make for wonderful additions to your craft supplies. Both the collecting of the items and the creativity of using them make for fun times this time of year.

Family Holiday Photos

Get ahead of the game and take advantage of the still great weather by finding a scenic spot for your holiday family photo shoot.

That one year I took two toddlers to the beach after Thanksgiving with the wind whipping and the temps barely above freezing made it very clear October photo shoots are where it’s at.

Wishing you a fun-filled Fall!