10 Simple Ways to Celebrate the Last Day of School

10 Simple Ways to Celebrate the Last Day of School

May 24, 2016, Epoch Times



There’s no feeling quite like that of the last day of school. You’ve packed all the lunches, remembered all the sneakers, attended all the events, volunteered for all the volunteering, helped with all the homework, and checked all the boxes. The day has finally come when all that comes to a gloriously screeching halt.

It’s pretty great for the children, too.

In celebration of their hard work and the onset of summer, here are ten simple ways to mark the last day of school.

Thank the Teachers

Involve your children in showing gratitude to their teachers. Encourage your children to think about all their teachers have done for them and their classmates all year. A hand-crafted card allows your child to practice gratitude and his or her teacher to feel appreciated.

Choose gifts that are personal or useful. Stay away from tchotchkes like mugs or figurines.

Hang a Finish Line

When school lets out for the final time and your children arrive home, imagine their delight in being greeted by a “Finish Line” or “Welcome to Summer” sign on the door.

They made it!!

Fill a Sand Bucket with Summer Essentials

Another delightful surprise would be a beach bucket filled with all of the essentials for a fun summer: bathing suits, beach towels, bubbles, sunscreen, sunglasses, flip flops, a journal, a jump rope, a new book or magazine, a travel map, or anything your children uniquely enjoy.

Max out Your Library Cards

Beat the summer slide before it even has a chance by heading straight to the library. Bring a nice sturdy tote (or two) and tell your children to choose as many books as possible! Enjoy the borrowing spree and all the reading that comes after.

Stock the Freezer

Make sure you’ve got enough ice pops and ice cream treats for your little people and any other little people who may stop by. Starting with the after-school snack on the last day of school, nothing signifies summer more than an icy cold treat. To keep things on the healthier side, make your own pops and pay attention to ingredients in store bought items.

Camp out in the Backyard

There’s no school tomorrow so why not cook up some s’mores and camp out in the backyard to kick off summer right.

Hit the Road

Maybe you’re ready to jump in with both feet. Trade their backpacks for suitcases and head out on your first family adventure of summer! Whether a surprise getaway you reveal when they get out of school or one you’ve all been awaiting together, there’s no better way to kick off summer vacation than with a family vacation.

Picnic in the Park

Pack an early dinner and invite all of their friends for a picnic in the park. This can hopefully be one of many such carefree get togethers outside.

Pedicures for All

You’ve all worked hard. Head out for some relaxing pedicures to get your tootsies in fine summer shape and to breathe a collective sigh of relaxation.

When in Doubt, Ice Cream

The local ice cream shop after school on the last day is a classic, simple, and delicious way to cap off the school year and begin a summer of simple delights.