4 Inspiring Resources for Spring Cleaning

4 Inspiring Resources for Spring Cleaning

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All it takes is one or two beautiful weather days at the end of winter. You know the ones: They implore you to fling open the windows, get the whole family outdoors, perhaps even play hooky from work and school, because winter was long and sunshine was scarce and we are so sick of our coats!

These glorious days are usually just a hint, a big tease, of what’s to come, but they’re enough to put some pep in our step and open our eyes to the realization that— yes—spring will come again!

As we go around closing the windows again because it’s freezing, our eyes may also open to the fact that this place is a mess!

Clutter has piled up, dust has settled, and questions arise: when was the last time that closet was cleaned out? (You know the one.)

As spring makes its way (please hurry, spring), the urge to purge blooms and the task of spring cleaning beckons. While we so want a fresh and clean, decluttered home, getting started can feel overwhelming.

What we need is inspiration!

Here are four resources to help you kick that overwhelming feeling to the curb and get spring cleaning into full swing.

‘Clean With Me’

If you type “clean with me” into YouTube’s search box, you’ll be amazed how many videos there are of (mostly) women cleaning their homes. If you’re like me, you’ll find it even more amazing how unbelievably motivating they are to watch!

If you need a good kick to get going, start here.

How Jen Does it

YouTuber How Jen Does It makes “clean with me” videos along with other content about organizing and housekeeping. Very down to earth and positive, Jen seems to have it totally together as she consistently posts easy to implement tips and tricks.

The KonMari Method

Author Marie Kondo became a sensation when she released the her wildly popular book, “The Life-Changing Method of Tidying Up” in which she explained her KonMari method that takes “tidying” to a whole ‘nother level. Her unique approach is just what you need if you’re ready to tackle clutter for good. Word is that Netflix has ordered a tidying reality show starring Kondo, so it’s a great time to get up to speed.

Becoming Minimalist

Inevitably, as we go from room to room, picking up, sorting, cleaning, rearranging, repairing, and maintaining our stuff, we ask ourselves why on earth we need all of this stuff to begin with.

The you come to that road, head over to becomingminimalist.com and get to know Joshua Becker. A father and husband, he shares he epiphany he came to when he was cleaning out his garage and realized his stuff was keeping him from a more meaningful life.

He and his family turned to minimalism, which he defined in an interview with Chinese Global Television Network (CGTN) America as “the intentional promotion of the things we most value and the removal of anything that distracts us from it.”

In addition to his blog and regular speaking engagements, he has written a number of books, including “The More of Less: Finding the Life You Want Under Everything You Own” and “Clutterfree With Kids: Change Your Thinking. Discover New Habits. Free Your Home.”