5 (OK, 6) Totally Inspiring Family Travel Blogs

5 (OK, 6) Totally Inspiring Family Travel Blogs

May 30, 2016, Epoch Times



If you’ve got a family trip to plan or just enjoy dreaming of your family’s next adventure, you’ve likely found yourself falling down an online rabbit hole or two that may or may not have led to travel inspiration.  When it comes to travel blogs, there are many. The abundance of resources the Internet offers potential travelers can be both wonderful and overwhelming at the same time.

Well, rabbit holes are my specialty (eh hem) and along my journeys I’ve found some family travel sites really worth checking out. These bloggers are delivering a variety of content and honing in on the special needs of traveling families. From epic travel adventures spanning the globe to simple tips for your once-a-year getaway, I think you’ll find some inspiration here.


Travel expert Colleen Kelly provides both general family travel tips and destination-specific guides via this site and her public television show, “Family Travel with Colleen Kelly.” Each episode focuses on a specific destination. The blog content supplements the episodes well with tips and maps. With a new season on the way, one is left with the impression that the site will continue to grow.


Ever dream of just leaving your normal life behind and and traveling full time with your family? Then this site is for you.

A full-fledged platform for families “living the nomadic life,” Vagabond Family features content from a number of contributors and allows users to register their families and connect with one another.

These families are truly giving new meaning to the road less traveled as they thrown convention aside and live out their adventures together.

There are tips for getting started, general traveling tips, content about “road schooling,” and, of course, discussions of financing such extended excursions.

With many contributors spanning the globe, this website is an amazing resource for pushing the limits of what’s possible, while also providing very practical advice for “normal” family vacationing.


Eric Stoen’s Travel Babbo is stunning both for his magazine-quality photography and the eclectic nature of the destinations (including Antarctica!) he and his family have chronicled. The site’s tagline is “take your kids everywhere,” and it seems that Stoen intends to do just that.

He explains, “I fully understand that a lot of people like taking breaks from their kids and heading overseas without them. We’re not like that.”

If you’re stuck in your comfort zone when it comes to family travel, let this blog expand your ideas of what’s possible. Be sure to follow @travelbabbo on Instagram, as well. It rivals the very best.


If you view travel as an education for your family, then you’ll enjoy The Educational Tourist. Blogger and educator Natalie Tanner maintains a focus on education as she chronicles her family’s travels and offers tips and resources for family travel planning. Tanner also sells her “Adventures” series e-books featuring destination specific activities.


If the previous options seem a bit too adventurous and you’d like something more down-to-earth, Jessica Bowers is serving up the exploits of her self-described “average” family.

Bowers, her husband, and their four boys who are traveling the country via camper while homeschooling along the way. They talk about the “baby steps” it took to arrive at this unconventional way of family life.

This content here is very approachable, making family travel seem possible for anyone.



It takes all my strength not to turn all of my family travel content into Disney content. I’d be remiss not to include a little something here, right? Right?! (eh hem)

The Disney travel resources portion of the Internet has got to be a significant chunk. There is so much great content out there. One of my favorites is the Disney Food Blog.

Food is a huge part of any Disney vacation and this site has the answer to any question you can come up with. On top of the latest news, providing valuable reviews, and tips, this is a must consult if your next family getaway is going to be a “magical” one.

Be warned, you will get hungry while viewing this site.

Whether you’re looking for practical tips for your next family getaway or ideas that test your understanding of what’s possible, give these blogs a look and let the inspiration inform your family’s next adventure.