8 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Are Sure to Make Mom Smile

8 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas That Are Sure to Make Mom Smile

May 3, 2016, Epoch Times



It’s that time of year again. This Mother’s Day you want to show mom how much you love and appreciate her, but finding just the right gift can be tricky. If you’re stumped for gift ideas, here are few no-fail options that any mama would love.

Candles, Flowers, Chocolate

These simple staples are staples for good reason. A lovely bouquet, her favorite scented candle, or a box of well selected chocolates are each simple gifts that show you care.

Of course, think this one through. If mom’s highly allergic to flowers, opt for the candle or the chocolate. If mom’s watching her sugar intake, the candles or the flowers. With a little bit of forethought, these simple gifts are winners every time.


Celebrate mom’s unique interests with a book or two. Whether she’s an avid reader of a particular genre, a fan of an individual author, or is interested in a specific subject (cooking, scrapbooking, business, architecture, etc.) a well-chosen book may be just the thing to show you appreciate mom for who she is.


When in doubt, jewelry.Head to your local jeweler. Classic and simple is always a winning combination. If you’re unsure about mom’s style, bring with you a few samples of jewelry she wears frequently and ask to see something similar.

A New Camera

If documenting family experiences is an important aspect of mom’s life, perhaps a camera upgrade or a new lens would be the perfect gift. For a lot of moms, capturing family memories is a top priority.

While there are a lot of gadgets you could point to as gifts, a new camera seems most appropriate on Mother’s Day.

Splurge Items

Moms often hold off on splurging on themselves so as to give more to their families. What are those items or services mom has been holding out on? Spa treatments, new clothes, a new bag, or anything else that mom stops herself from splurging on for the greater good would be a nice gesture.

Hire Some Help

Is mom the main person who cleans the house, tends the garden, or fixes things around the house? Throw mom a little help by hiring a cleaning service, landscaper, or handyman to come in and take some work off of mama’s plate.

A note on this one: If you’ve already got a regular cleaning service, landscaper, etc. this, obviously, doesn’t count as a gift. Eh hem. If it’s a special treat, mom will be thrilled!

A Vacation

Feeling adventurous? I can think of no more exciting gift than one that includes travel brochures and a reminder to renew your passport. If you’re looking to blow mom’s mind, this is the way to go.

A Break

Whether opting for something simple or an extravagant surprise for mom this year, this one is mandatory. Give mom a break.

Show your gratitude for all that mom does, with her whole heart, pouring everything she’s got into mommying, by gifting her some chill.

Be strict with mom on Mother’s Day: no cooking, no cleaning, no diaper changes, no making sure everyone has what they need and gets to where they need to go, no reminding, no handling, no mommying. It’s handled. It’s all done. She’s completely off the hook today.

Bonus Tip:

Still stumped? Get thee to mom’s Pinterest or Instagram accounts. Check out what she’s pinned recently on Pinterest or who she’s followed or liked on Instagram for ideas about what she might be wishing for these days.