A Parent’s Ode to Halloween

A Parent’s Ode to Halloween

October 30, 2013, Epoch Times






Oh, Hallow’s Eve; our Halloween,

Here you are again.

Seems like it was just yesterday

We rang you in Old Friend.


What was once just a single day

In which we reveled simply

Has turned into a month’s affair,

We conform to most strictly.


As soon as kids have started school

Preparations begin.

Seduced by confections of pumpkin spice

We are handily sucked in.


We work with great diligence

On decor, costumes, and treats.

The point, perhaps, escapes us

But expectations we will meet.


The parties, parades, and celebrations

Will not plan themselves.

We navigate the minefield

That are local store shelves.


The craft store for costume pieces,

The grocer for the candy,

The teacher needs party supplies,

And a wig would be just dandy.


As we wander round the arts supplies,

We wish we’d learned to sew;

Or that we’d gone to Amazon

A week or two ago.


Each year we tell ourselves

No Halloween Store again;

But each year we need that one thing

And we head back to that dark den.


We can’t shop with our children.

The displays are not for them.

If they aren’t frightening or full of gore,

They’re inspired by Penthouse Forum.


Next, we try not to think about

How the dollar store trinkets came to be.

We need inexpensive goodies for bags;

It’s on the up and up, hopefully.


Last stop is the candy aisle

Where the best treats must be chosen.

High fructose corn syrup, GMO’s, dyes:

It’s more like pick your poison.


It’s not all work and doom, of course,

Wonderful family moments are included.

Pumpkin carving, hayrides, apple picking…

The joy in them can’t be disputed.


School events, parties, the town parade:

They go off without a hitch.

Sure we haven’t slept that much,

But the fun’s at a fevered pitch.


As October winds down,

We can see the finish line.

And celebrate this holiday

The way we originally had in mind.


We get out into the neighborhood

And knock on every door.

Our dressed up little ones

Hold up their bags and implore:


“Trick or Treat!”

They smile underneath handmade masks.

“And what are you supposed to be?”

A friendly neighbor asks.


We arrive back home all tuckered out

With treat bags full to the brim.

We begin the process of

winding down

Then the sugar rush kicks in.


With great effort we manage to

Get the kids off to bed.

We look at the enormous candy pile

And scratch our tired heads.


What should we do with all of this?

It certainly can’t stay here.

We think over our options

While we sample a 3 Musketeer.


The next morning’s a little rough—

The kids want to stay in bed.

But we’re relieved it’s November now

And out to school we head.


We think to ourselves,

Perhaps for today

We’ll relax and try to get back to

The things we’ve kept at bay.


We stop to check the mail.

We had forgotten it the day before.

And what should we find?

But Christmas catalogs galore.




Happy Halloween!

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