An Open Letter To Husbands and Dads in Advance of Mother’s Day

An Open Letter To Husbands and Dads in Advance of Mother’s Day
An Open Letter to Dads In Advance of Mother's Day

May 8, 2014, Epoch Times

An Open Letter to Dads In Advance of Mother's Day
An Open Letter to Dads In Advance of Mother’s Day

Dear Dads,

Hi. How are ya?

As you know, Mother’s Day is Sunday. Yes, this Sunday.

Eh hem.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that all a lot some of the Dads reading this haven’t begun finished thinking about what you and your kids will do for Mom to celebrate.

After all, it’s days away. I get it.

Well, I’m here to help. I’ve got six simple tips for you to consider when the time does come (remember: it’s Sunday) to pull the festivities together.


TIP #1: Make the cards, don’t buy them.

Hand your kids some paper and crayons and ask them to craft beautiful creations for Mom. They’ll love doing it and Mom will love receiving their masterpieces. Mad bonus points for you if you make your own note to her. Seriously. That will kill.


TIP #2: Mom could use a break.

Yes, she loves you and your children with all her heart and loves being with you, but alone time is like fuel to every “#1 Mom.” Tell her that you’ll be taking the kids to the park for certain hours of the day or simply invite her to go shop at her favorite store at some point while you take care of the kids at home. Perhaps you’ve slipped a gift card to that store in her card? She’ll come back, I promise, and she’ll be refreshed and smiling.


TIP #3: Breakfast in bed (a classic) is a great idea, but be sure to clean up the kitchen right afterwards.

Hearing whispering little ones help Dad in the kitchen while pans clang and giggles filter down the hall, all while Mom enjoys some reading or mindless YouTube in bed, is delightful. If she’s going to end up cleaning up after it, though, the gift becomes a chore. Present your culinary creation and then sweep those kids right back into the kitchen for a thorough clean up. Mom will be thrilled.


TIP #4: Don’t buy the vacuum, the washing machine, or the new steam cleaner she has been eyeing.

Perhaps she has been wishing for one of those, but this is a time to appreciate Mom for all she is and not just the person who mainly keeps everything smelling sweet. Instead, a beach tote or brimmed hat for the upcoming warm weather or a simple piece of jewelry would be very nice.


TIP #5: Don’t let her lift a finger.

No matter how much she protests, keep reinforcing that she is “off” on Mother’s Day. This is one of the best features of Mother’s Day. If the kids need their food cut up, you’re up. If someone’s calling Mom from the bathroom, you’re up. If there’s a sibling squabble, you know it, you’re up. Mom will so appreciate this. If it gets tough, just remember Father’s Day is around the corner.


TIP #6: Thank Mom.

Of course she knows that you appreciate her, think she’s utterly amazing for every big and small thing she does, and is the best wife and mother on the planet. Tell her anyway. Enforce this sense of gratitude in your kids as well. This will be a beautiful lesson for them.


So, there you have it. Keep things simple, involve your kids, show your appreciation, and have a happy Mother’s Day.