Back to School: 6 Fun Things to Hide in Your Child’s Backpack

Back to School: 6 Fun Things to Hide in Your Child’s Backpack

The Epoch Times

Back to school time can come along with a mixture of excitement and nervousness for children of all ages.

One small and simple way to lighten the mood and alleviate the pressure of going back to school for your child is to hide a delightful surprise form them to discover in their lunchbox or backpack.

A little piece of home or a token of love can go a long way toward reminding them they are not alone, have your love and support, and that school can be fun.

A Tiny Toy

For young children, discovering a small stuffed animal or favorite toy has stowed away in their backpack might be just the delight they need to get through the day.

A Favorite Book

Perhaps your child will be allowed some free reading time in their day. They might love to have a new or favorite book of their own to dive into.

A Joke

Including a school-appropriate joke in their bag may be just the thing to make them smile and might even prove a great icebreaker when making new friends.

Surprise Supplies

Adding special school supplies they weren’t expecting can bring extra joy to the first day and make them feel appreciated.

A Special Treat

Perhaps a special treat in their lunchbox like a homemade baked good or their most favorite snack would be just the thing to make the first day special.

A Simple Note

A classic note of love and encouragement can go a long way (and can accompany any of the ideas above) toward calming the jitters and easing the back-to-school blues.