Beyond Team Sports—Fun Activities That Promote Fitness

Beyond Team Sports—Fun Activities That Promote Fitness

February 20, 2017,  Epoch Times

Despite the message you may be getting from the copious minivan stickers you pass on your morning commute, not all moms are soccer moms, and  team sports are not for every child.

While beneficial to many, there are definite pros and cons to be considered when evaluating team sports for your children. Like most decisions in parenting, it comes down to what ‘s best for your specific child.

If team sports aren’t your child’s thing and you’re looking for alternative activities to encourage physical fitness, there has really never been a better time to be in your shoes. The possibilities are seemingly endless.

Here are some ideas to consider:

Classic Individual Sports

Sports like golf and tennis are ones that call for continuous improvement and can be played for a lifetime.

Gymnastics or Dance

Not just for girls, gymnastics and dance classes of all kinds can offer opportunities for rigorous exercise and creativity.

Martial Arts

Incorporating values like discipline and self mastery, the benefits of martial arts go beyond physical fitness.


Running clubs for kids are popping up all over. Often activities incorporate confidence building and character strengthening as kids train for a run.


A favorite in our house, skateboarding lessons can teach safety, risk management, and persistence.


Swim lessons can be found all year round and provide a skill set that will benefit your child forever.

Fitness Classes

From yoga to children’s boot camps, fitness classes for children are very popular and help instill healthy habits of consistent exercise.

Walking or Biking

Of course, the benefits of simply going for walks or bike rides with your children are not to be overlooked. If done regularly, you’ll all be increasing your fitness and making memories at the same time.