Children’s Library: ‘Bears in Beds’

Children’s Library: ‘Bears in Beds’

August 10, 2012, Epoch Times

A beary adorable bedtime read


For many families the last month of summer signals the looming reality that alarms will, once again, need to be set, schedules maintained, and bedtimes set earlier. Parents can ease the transition with a solid nighttime routine, including, of course, a story or two.

Just in the nick of time, author Shirley Parenteau and illustrator David Walker have teamed up again in the sequel to their lovable Bears on Chairs with the ever sleepier Bears In Beds, hitting shelves next week.

This time around, the familiar and darling bears are settling down and snuggling into their five beds for the night. When a windy sound gives them a fright, they gather for a story until there are “five sleeping bears.”

The simplicity, color, and design of Bears In Beds, will delight little ones at bedtime, setting the tone for sleep. A perfect new addition to, hopefully, a pile of old favorites, Bears In Beds would make a “beary” nice addition to a nightly routine and the top shelf.

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