Children’s Library: ‘Imogene’s Antlers’

Children’s Library: ‘Imogene’s Antlers’
Random House

June 28, 2011, Epoch Times

A simple and well told comic fantasy

Random House
Random House

“On Thursday, when Imogene woke up, she found she had grown antlers.” And just like that our story begins.

This simple tale of a young girl with an outrageous dilemma makes for the perfect addition to a youngster’s library—the dry humor will undoubtedly deliver a healthy dose of laughter to all who read it.

Imogene maneuvers throughout her day considerably less phased by her unusual new appendages than her mother, who can hardly keep from fainting, as well as the doctor; the school principal; her brother; the kitchen maid; the cook; and the milliner, who is called to construct a hat to hide her antlers. Imogene maintains a happy grin throughout and even manages to get a music lesson in before bed.

To the delight of her family, when Imogene awakens the next day, the antlers are gone! Their relief proves only temporary, however, when a new and even more fantastic development is revealed.

Imogene’s Antlers by David Small (Crown Publishers) has been delighting young audiences for over 25 years. This concise but witty story, along with its colorful and hilarious illustrations, provides surprise, amusement, and impressively rich character development within its 32 pages.

New readers may be encouraged by the simple language and quick pacing of the storyline. The comedic nature of “Imogene’s Antlers” also makes it an ideal read-aloud option.

Silly and light-hearted, Imogene’s Antlers is a fun pick that is sure to provide comic relief to the top shelf.


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