Children’s Library: ‘Look At That Building’

Children’s Library: ‘Look At That Building’

December 9, 2011, Epoch Times

Satisfying young curiosities about the structures around us


Young children have questions … lots of questions. As they explore their world, they wonder what and why and how and when. Curiosity is a wonderful thing.

Publishing house Kids Can Press seems to understand this better than most. One recent offering from the Canadian company aims to answer such questions on at least one particular topic. “Look at That Building! A First Book of Structures” by Scot Ritchie tackles buildings of all kinds, from foundation to rooftop and everything in between.

“Buildings are all around us.” In this informative picture book, the reader follows “five friends to find out about how buildings are put together.” They explore a tree house, the construction site of a skyscraper, the library, their school, and even homes that animals construct.

Terms such as foundation, beam, frame, column, dome, and arch are defined. The last pages even include instructions for putting concepts into action by making a mini doghouse.

“Look at that Building!” is an engaging book for a curious young child. The ideas presented could easily be applied to their creations with play dough, blocks, bricks, or crafts. They’re sure to see the buildings they visit in a new light and to have their curiosities satisfied … for a little while, anyway.

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