Children’s Library: ‘No One But You’

Children’s Library: ‘No One But You’

August 11, 2011, Epoch Times

In appreciation of simplicity, curiosity, and exploration


Before bedtime gets pushed early and alarms are reset; before lunch boxes are packed and homework becomes top priority; before sports and dance and all those after-school pursuits gear up…

Stop. Take a breath. And soak it in—the last days of summer with your children are approaching, as the days when they can enjoy the freedom to explore their world, entertain their curiosities, and enjoy the simple things are coming to an end. Notice with them the little things, the important things—at their pace. To their delight, and yours.

Such is the call of No One But You by Douglas Wood and illustrated by P.J. Lynch—a stunning picture book that conveys the wonder that is each individual’s unique experience in the world.

“No one but you can feel the rain kiss your skin or the wind ruffle your hair.”

“No one else in the world can look up at the stars, these stars, right now, with your own eyes, and feel your own special place on this earth.”

Lynch, who has been featured on The Top Shelf before, triumphs again by transporting the reader into his scenes of a young girl walking barefoot through a puddle, a cardinal singing on a branch, a young boy coddling a seedling, a child looking up at the stars.

No One But You inspires young ones to explore and ponder their world, on their own—as it comes naturally to them and in ways only they can.

A perfect bedtime read before the school year begins and life gets hectic again, No One But You will leave a young one with a sense of wonder and empowerment, and for the parent, with a reminder of a child’s innate curiosity, their yearning to explore, and an appreciation of the simple things—“the most important ones of all.”

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