Children’s Library: ‘North, The Amazing Story of Arctic Migration’

Children’s Library: ‘North, The Amazing Story of Arctic Migration’

December 15, 2011, Epoch Times

There’s more to the North Pole than elves—A timely look at the top of the world


With all this talk about the North Pole during the holiday season comes an enlightening picture book that tells the truly amazing story of the journey so many species on earth undertake each year to the Arctic, and the huge climate shifts that take place there from season to season.

“Not many animals can live year round in the Arctic. Those that do include polar bears, arctic foxes, musk oxen, and arctic hares. Each year, in spring, over 180 kinds of animal migrate from other parts of the world and join them.”

“North, The Amazing Story of Arctic Migration” by Nick Dowson and illustrated by Patrick Benson, depicts one of the world’s most extraordinary phenomena through simple words and expressive illustrations.

Beginning in the midst of winter, the reader may feel a shiver while reading about the polar bear braving a blizzard in the “icy desert.” When spring dawns, however, sprouts begin to appear beneath the snow and animals the world over begin to answer the call north.

From the gray whale setting out through a Mexican lagoon, to terns who journey all the way from Antarctica, to white cranes “at the edge of a Chinese lake” stocking up on food before taking flight, to caribou who leave their Canadian forest homes to have their calves, “North” conveys the fortitude and innate motivation that allows so many to convene on their shared habitat for the spring and summer.

Appended is a a general summary entitled “About the Arctic” and a glossary featuring terms such as algae, sea lane, and tundra.

While little ones are dreaming about elves and reindeer, their inherent curiosity may lead them to wonder about the snowy place on top of the world. “North, The Amazing Story of Arctic Migration” offers a glimpse into this unique spot and opportunities to learn about seasons, animal species, geography, and the cyclical ways of nature. A great book to read aloud or present to an intermediate reader, “North” would make a timely addition to a child’s library.

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