Children’s Library: ‘Outside Your Window—A First Book of Nature’

Children’s Library: ‘Outside Your Window—A First Book of Nature’

March 1, 2012, Epoch Times

A poetic collage of nature’s treasures just outside


What joy it is to explore nature with young children. Everything is new; everything is amazing; and everything that has slowly become merely background in the life of the busy adult is brought back to the forefront.

“Outside Your Window—A First Book of Nature” by Nicola Davies, illustrated by Mark Herald, is a colorful guide to the everyday wonders nature presents just beyond one’s doorstep.

Poetic vignettes and eye-catching illustrations take the reader on a tour of the seasons.

From sprouts, nests, and rainbows in the spring to sea shells, flowers, and honey in the summer; from colorful leaves, harvests, and wind in the fall to snow, bare trees, and long nights in the winter, “Outside Your Window” portrays a collage of appreciation of the environment and creatures around us and of the variety inherent in different times of year.

Read piece-meal and coupled with experiments or crafts or simply read straight through, this young children’s book (available Feb. 14) is sure to inspire new projects and new explorations of all that awaits “outside your window.”

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