Family Winter Staycation: 10 Ways to Make the Most of Winter Break

Family Winter Staycation: 10 Ways to Make the Most of Winter Break

December 22, 2015, Epoch Times



The last few weeks of the year present many opportunities for quality family time. It’s a popular time of year to whisk the family away to sunshine and warmth or snow-powdered mountains.

If your family is instead staying home this year, you can still make the most of your time together. Here are 10 ideas for a fun winter staycation:

Play Tourist

If you were visiting from out of town, what would you do? Check out the local tourism website for your area and find local tourism brochures to identify fun things to do that you may have previously overlooked or taken for granted.

Plan a Game Night

Check the weather forecast and schedule a family game day, or game night, whenever the most unfavorable weather is predicted. Serve your favorite snacks and prepare dinner in the slow cooker to keep things easy. Turn off the digital devices and pull out your family’s favorite board games. This is a great activity that compels everyone to remain present and focused on time together.

Visit Local Zoos, Museums, Historical Sites

Likely points of interest you’d seek out on vacation, don’t overlook these destinations in your own backyard. It may have been a while since you last visited, or there may be some you haven’t gotten to yet. Enjoy these local attractions with your family and make a day of it!

Go Out for Ice Cream

Because every good vacation needs ice cream, head to your local favorite spot or try out a new place!

Try a New Restaurant

Experiencing local cuisine is a key element of any good vacation. Incorporate that same experience at home by enjoying a meal with your family at that restaurant you’ve been meaning to try.

Go Ice Skating or Snow Tubing

Celebrate the new winter season by partaking in some good old-fashioned winter fun on your winter staycation. Indoor activities such as bowling or roller skating make for great family fun as well!

Avoid the Temptation to ‘Catch Up’

A pitfall that parents may run into on “staycation” is giving in to the temptation to work. If at all possible, allow yourself to really enjoy the fruits of a vacation by not burdening yourself with work or chores. It may be tempting to want to get ahead, but allow your focus to remain on restoration and family. You’ll be back to work soon enough.

Head Downtown

Venture out for a day of shopping and exploring your very own town or city. Great joy can be had in appreciating your own backyard. Don’t forget to pick up a souvenir from your staycation!

Hit the Library

Stock up on books and enjoy actually having that time to read them. Encourage the kids to try new genres, or pick up books on a budding interest or about your local area.

Review the Year With Gratitude

Take time to look back at your photos with your family from the year. View a photo slideshow together or flip through your photo albums. Tell your kids what you were most grateful for this year and encourage them to share the same. A staycation is a great opportunity to appreciate all the riches of your life.