Fathers Day Experiences, Not Things

Fathers Day Experiences, Not Things

June 13, 2017, Epoch Times

It’s time to celebrate Dad.

This Father’s Day, rather than the typical tie, the mug, the cuff links, the gadgets, here are some experience-oriented ideas to celebrate and show appreciation for your #1 dad.

Life is about experiences, not things. Action-oriented gifts make for great memories and embody the spirit of the special day.

Dad’s Favorite Activity

Whats Dad into? Fishing? Golfing? Biking? Surfing?

Whatever Dad loves, organize a family outing to do just that. Be sure to handle all of those details that would typically fall on him.

If he usually packs the car, have the kids do it. If he is usually the driver or navigator, take that off his plate. If he’s the one that makes sure the doors are locked before you leave, that the tires are full in the bikes, that the reservations have been confirmed, or whatever Dad usually handles, give him a free pass to sit back and enjoy a day doing what he loves with his family with all the details handled.

A twist on this idea could be to arrange for Dad to do that activity that he has set aside since becoming a dad, but now misses.

Invite Dad to a Backyard Campout

As a fun activity for this time of year, conspire with the kids to create a backyard campsite, complete with pitched tent, dinner on the barbecue, and a campfire.

Enjoy family time together and insist that Dad not lift a finger. You don’t want your gift to become a chore for Dad on Father’s Day, but a carefree joy he’ll cherish.

Make a ‘Honey, It’s Done List’

If Dad’s got some nagging repairs or chores he’s been meaning to get around to, work with the kids to get them done. Perhaps there’s a leaky faucet or a garage that needs cleaning or a guitar that he’d like tuned, or yard work he wants done or a scratch on his car he love to have addressed. Hire them out or complete the tasks for him.

For that “ta-da” moment, wrap the list of done items as a gift and watch the sense of relief fall across his face on Father’s Day.

On Father’s Day, celebrating Dad for who he is, what he loves to do, and all of the things he does that makes him the best dad in the world, just takes a little thought and a lot of love.

Happy Father’s Day to all the #1 dads!