Hostess Gift Ideas for Holiday Family Visits

Hostess Gift Ideas for Holiday Family Visits

November 14, 2016, Epoch Times


If your travels this holiday season lead you to the homes of family and friends, you may wish to bring an offering of thanks for your holiday hosts.

The hospitality of family during the holiday season is something to truly be thankful for. Wherever your family is gathering this year, a simple hostess gift is a lovely way to show appreciation for that special member of your family who has opened their home to everyone in celebration at this special time.

While holiday catalogs and an internet search or two may lead you to consider elaborate or over-the-top choices that your recipient may or may not actually enjoy, here are five simple gift ideas that are sure to please anyone.

Homemade Treats

Couple your favorite recipes with some beautiful packaging and deliver your hosts an edible treat to enjoy this holiday season. From the obvious collection of homemade cookies to a breakfast casserole, from savory dishes to sweet, think of your hosts’ tastes and the nature of your stay when putting together their gift. The effort and thought that goes into a homemade gift is always treasured.

Handmade Items

If you’ve got creative talents put them to work for your hosts. Whether you can knit, sew, paint, build, carve, design, or craft, make something unique for your host’s home.


Candles warm a space and allow for festive scents to enhance a home. Select a number of quality candles

Holiday Decor

Someone who hosts others for the holidays likely spends time and effort on their home’s holiday decor. Help them out by offering a tasteful item to add to their collection.

Beverage of Choice

Of course, there’s always the option to give the classic bottle of wine. If your hosts are wine enthusiasts, this may just be the perfect gift.

Other options may include a hot cocoa basket with fixings (marshmallows, candy canes, and so on), a collection of teas, or champagne or other sparkling beverage in advance of the new year.

Before the holiday season gets into full swing, consider preparing your hostess gifts in advance. Happy Travels!