My Go To Energy Snack

My Go To Energy Snack

We’ve all done it.

The day starts in a rush. Getting yourself and the kids out the door seems like a small miracle. Add in a few errands, a work project, ten too many emails, a knock at the door, and Internet distractions (eh hem), and we realize long past noon that we’ve forgotten to eat!

Ravashed, we head to the pantry.


Staring us down are delicious quick fixes—bags of chips from the last party, leftover Halloween candy, a container of Oreos we bought just that one time… Our blood sugar is plummeting and these devilish goodies are all calling to us in a way that would make us believe we wouldn’t later suffer from a deeper energy crash or a thicker waste line after one tiny indulgence. Who cares at this point, anyway, right? We are hungry and we want to get our munch on.

It’s a this moment of weakness that we need a fast and satisfying go-to snack that will satisfy our cravings yet not derail us from our healthy lifestyle. It needs to be just about as easy to come by as “grab and go,” to compete with the pantry fodder.

It would help if it was crunchy. It would also be nice if it takes some time to eat. For our energy to stabilize, a nice mix of fiber and protein would be ideal. If it had a bit of salty and sweet going on, our cravings would be answered in full.

No, it’s not a Snickers I suggest.

My go-to snack is super simple: An apple and some nuts.


That’s it, you say? Yup. That’s it.

I have found this snack to work best for me during those afternoon slumps (goes great with a coffee) and at those times when I’ve managed to feed everyone but myself. (We Mama’s need to stop this, by the way. <–‘nother post)

I make a point of keeping an abundance of nuts (all varieties) in the pantry. (Thanks, Costco!) …and my favorite fruit: organic red delicious apples. Most fruits would likely provide a similar boost to your day, save for super sugary ones like watermelon.

I wash and slice my apple quickly, simply cutting the four sides from the core, throw on some salty, crunchy nuts, and I’m snacking in no time.


It takes a good bit of time to get through the apple and the nuts. I find that I am quite full for hours afterwards. Best of all, I completely nip in the bud that compulsion to devour those junk foods that really offer no benefit to my health and well-being.

So, the next time you’re food shopping, pick up your favorite fruit and nuts and keep them on hand for future snacking. Give it a try when your next craving hits and see if you find it beneficial as well. I think you will.


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