Simple Family Activities to Nurture Gratitude

Simple Family Activities to Nurture Gratitude

How to give thanks every day

November 9, 2016, Epoch Times


November is one of my favorite months—the crisp, fall air, the bright, autumn leaves, and the impending gathering of family in the name of giving thanks.

Halloween is done, Christmas has not yet arrived, and we are harvesting and spending time focused on what matters most with an ease and appreciation that is hard to come by at any other time of year.

To make the most of the Thanksgiving season, here are five simple activities to take on together with your family in appreciation of all of the blessings you can be thankful for.

Bless Someone Else

Teach your children the ideals of charity by giving to someone in need. Whether it is a local family going through a hard time, visitors to a soup kitchen, beneficiaries of a charitable organization, or a lonesome family member or friend, there are countless people who could use something to be thankful for. Give of your time, your resources, or simply your compassion, to someone else in need. Celebrate how truly blessed you are by sharing that bounty with others this season.

Thank Someone Each Day

Strengthen the habit of giving thanks, and recognizing all there is to be grateful for, by challenging each family member to thank someone else every day during the month of November. A small gift, a handwritten note, a text, a hug, or a simple, verbal “thanks” can all be employed to show gratitude toward someone else for something they did or simply for who they are to you.

‘Grow’ a Thankful Tree

Feeling crafty? Place a few branches in a vase or pin a paper tree trunk to the wall and attach paper leaves each day inscribed with something you are grateful for. As each family member does this daily, watch your tree fill in with blessings. What a wonderful symbol come Thanksgiving of the season at hand!

Start a Gratitude Journal

Develop a habit for yourself and your family of beginning each day with an entry in a gratitude journal. Simply name three things each day that you are thankful for. Aim to continue this habit for as long as possible and enjoy the positive impact it has on your lives.

Count your blessings. Give others something to be thankful for. Enjoy your family. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.