Spring Cleaning—5 Ways to Simplify Your Life

Spring Cleaning—5 Ways to Simplify Your Life

March 31, 2017, Epoch Times

Spring has sprung and the urge to fling open the windows, clear the clutter, and freshen our homes is energizing. Parents can ride this wave of motivation in areas beyond our physical spaces as well.

I don’t know about you, but looking around, I can see that clutter has crept into a number of areas of my and my family’s life. Springtime is a great time to audit all areas of our life with the aim to simplify, streamline, and refocus on what matters most.

Here are five ways you can “spring clean” your life this season.

Know Your Priorities

Before you clear away the unimportant, you need to know what is important. What are the top-level priorities in your life?

Actually writing these down can be a powerful exercise. Your list of priorities may include your and your family’s health, your children’s education, spending time with friends and family, your vision for your work in the world, your consistent attention to a spiritual practice, or whatever those things are that you deem most important.

Know what your true priorities are and filter your decluttering decisions with this list.

Clean Your Calendar

Our calendars can show with great clarity whether what we are spending time on and what we most value are in sync.

If you feel like your family is too rushed, too scattered, or not focused on what’s most important, it’s time to renegotiate existing commitments and aim to commit your future time to only what matters.

Clear Your Inbox

These days there are many inputs coming at us on a daily basis. Clear out your backlog of voicemail, email, snail mail, piles of notices from school, and any other inputs you receive.

For those inputs that require an action to be taken, either complete the task, delegate it, or write it on a to-do list.

Clear the decks and enjoy new peace of mind.

Disconnect Digitally

The impact of the constant barrage of sounds, images, and ideas filling our minds (and the minds of our children) via our digital devices is overwhelming.

In contrast, if you’ve ever intentionally disconnected from these tools for a period of time, you likely experienced the peace and calm that it can bring.

Audit the time you and your family spend online and see if reducing that time proves beneficial to you.

Organize Your Finances

Just as our calendars reveal the way we are prioritizing our time, our bank accounts reveal the way we are prioritizing our money.

Review your spending, saving, and giving habits thoroughly. Look for waste and aim to align your financial activity with your priorities.

This spring, go beyond cleaning out your closets by tackling all of the spaces in your life that could use a good cleaning. Enjoy the refresh!