Children’s Library: ‘Hurry Down to Derry Fair’

Children’s Library: ‘Hurry Down to Derry Fair’

June 19, 2011, Epoch Times


As the school year winds down and the carefree days of summer beckon, why not entertain a trip to the fair?

Author Dori Chaconas’s bouncy narrative is imbued with fun-loving enthusiasm as young Dinny Brown implores Mama, Daddy, Sister Lucy, and Grandma Patty to “Hurry Down to Derry Fair!” (Candlewick Press)

“Hurry, Mama! Please, let’s go! Let’s go to Derry Fair! I want to ride the giant swing that flies high in the air,” Dinny Brown exclaims to his mother who is busy grating lemon zest for the pies she is bringing to the fair.

As Dinny Brown relates all that he is anticipating at the fair (the giant swing, the show animals, the balloon rides, the talent show) to his preoccupied family members, the finely detailed illustrations of Gillian Tyler give the reader’s eyes plenty to absorb within Mama’s kitchen, Daddy’s wood shed, Sister Lucy’s barn, and Grandma Patty’s garden.

It is these delightful pictures that make “Hurry Down to Derry Fair” an exceptional read. Each page tells its own story within the story. One can almost come up with Mama’s lemon pie recipe by studying the ingredients laid out in her kitchen, or envision a typical play day for Sister Lucy as she prepares her many animals to show at the fair.

This cheerful book culminates in the family’s arrival at Derry Fair with a beautiful, fold-out spread depicting the fairgrounds in all their glory. Readers can pour over the scene and find all that Dinny Brown has awaited, and more.

A real summer treat, “Hurry Down to Derry Fair” is the perfect addition to your top shelf.

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